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Modern hand dryer is very sanitary oh
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Modern hand dryers are advanced and ideal sanitary cleaning appliances and equipment. When washing, the hands in the air outlet of the automatic hand dryer, automatic hand dryer will automatically send a comfortable warm, quickly make your hands wet to dry, and when you leave a handle automatic hand dryer outlet when it automatically stops the wind off. Can not reach the hand towel dry water and prevent cross infection of disease requirements. Automatic induction high speed mobile phone is an advanced and ideal sanitary equipment for food production enterprises, which can bring clean, sanitary, safe and pollution-free hand effect. When will his hand in hand washing, automatic induction of high speed dry air outlet of the mobile phone, mobile phone will automatically send the high-speed automatic dry heating, fast hands quickly dry, dry when the hand leaves the mobile phone outlet, stop working automatically, achieve dry hands and quickly to prevent bacterial cross infection of the health requirements.

Suitable for star hotels, hotels, public places, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, airports, railway stations, office buildings, home use, is your pursuit of noble, elegant life of the ideal choice!

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