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Do you understand the working principle of the mobile phone?
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The working principle of the mobile phone is generally a sensor to detect the signal (hand), this signal to control the heating circuit to open the relay and the relay circuit, start heating, blowing. When the signal detected by the sensor disappears, the contact is released, and the heating circuit and the blowing circuit relay are disconnected.

The heating device is provided with a heating device, a PTC and an electric heating wire.

1, no heating device, as the name implies no heating device

Suitable for places where the temperature requirements are more severe, the use of mobile phones frequently,

For example: frozen vegetables, frozen dumplings packaging workshop

2, PTC heating

PTC thermistor heating, because with the change of the ambient temperature, PTC heating power will also change, in the winter when the PTC heating power increases, dry cell phone blowing warm air temperature rise also, energy saving and environmental protection.

PTC is characterized by a constant temperature, but there are also some shortcomings, that is, no hot wire temperature up quickly.

3, heating wire heating

The traditional electric heating wire, the wind temperature rises quickly, but the air temperature constant is bad, easy to wind temperature is high, the match burns.

Mobile phone with high speed dry heating wire plus CPU with temperature sensor control, air temperature rises rapidly and reached a constant effect, even if the wind speed up to 100 m / s, do mobile phone can blow out the constant temperature wind.

Usually with the wind as the main heating supplemented by the noise of the dry cell phone is relatively large, and the heat of the hot air dry cell phone noise is small, enterprises can choose according to their actual situation.

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